Allison and Phil Wedding

Date: February 6, 2010

 Location: New Jersey

The Kiss

While the rest of New Jersey were shoveling their way out of a couple feet of snow, Allison and Phil’s wedding location was pristine.

Bride PreparationI woke up early February 6th knowing that I would have to dig my car out from under at least a foot of snow.  The East Coast was experiencing a blizzard and was under a State of Emergency Warning!  Groom Preparation

After I dug myself out, I spent my time traveling 25 mph on the Turnpike to get to where the groom and bride were preparing for their wedding.  As I approached their location, the snow started to ease up and as I reached their place, there wasn’t a single snowflake on the ground.   I had already imagined some photographs in the snow.   It would have definitely been a different scene if we were able to play in the snow.

Even without it, I was able to take beautiful shots of the happy couple.  They were so much fun and it was very enjoyable taking pictures of Allison and Phil and their families.

Gree Shoes

Cake Eating

I hope you enjoyed a few photographs from their wedding day.

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