Winter Engagement Shoot: Melissa and Derek at the Park

Melissa and Derek got engaged last July of 2010. Since their big day isn’t going to be until October of 2011, we still have to go through Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.As a photographer, what quickly popped into mind was what a marvelous opportunity this is to have more photoshoots!!!

So I suggested for us to have, well, winter, spring, summer, and fall engagement shoots! Four engagement sessions, can you believe that? They both loved the idea! Not only can we use these pictures for their signature book, Save the Date cards, a display at their reception, etc., etc., but also, they would have more memories to treasure, which have always been my goal for my clients. What it means for me is that I will have a grand time going out taking pictures and spending more time with my clients. Plus, I will have a chance of getting to know them better. On the other hand, for the couple, it would mean they would have to squeeze in 3 additional things to schedule on their already overwhelming “things to do” list. LOL. But all in all, it is also a great way for them to know me, their photographer, as well! So I say it’s a win-win situation for both the couple and I. 🙂

Winter – Our first session.

We’ve had a pretty great winter here in the east coast thus far. We’ve been bombarded with snow week after week since the start of the year. We’ve had so much snow that it started to seem as though winter would never go away and that the snow on the ground would never ever melt. Nevertheless, our winter photo session didn’t go with out a hitch. The trouble we had was that first, mother nature is so unpredictable. We just don’t know exactly when it’s going to snow and the weather channel isn’t really much of a big help! Second, there’s this scheduling conflict. Why cant it just snow on a weekend when everybody is off work? Third, since we’ve been having 10” to 20” of snow, going out on a location isn’t really that easy.

By the time we shoveled and cleaned our cars, we’re totally exhausted to go out and have to do the shoot. Not to mention some unplowed roads we have to deal with. In short, we’ve waited and waited until we realized that the snow we thought would never melt started to disappear and the winter that we thought would never ever leave started to slip away and we might not see snow anymore! So we prayed to mother nature for another chance of snow. Lo and behold, one cold Monday morning, on President’s day, our prayers were granted. We didn’t get a lot of snow that we would have to dig ourselves out to go to our location, but we just had enough to put some fresh white snow on the ground. It was perfect! So off we went and what a wonderful time we had! Enjoy some of the amazing pictures we took from our Winter session.

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