I believe that every photographer starts off as a hobbyist. From there, photography takes them towards something wonderful, something creative and artistic, imaginative, powerful and nifty, and into something that is somewhat hard to explain with words…

The same is true in my case.  I fell in love with photography from the moment I picked up my first camera and seen what amazing things it can create. It not only gives me the freedom to express myself artistically.  It also enables me to share my version of the world as I see it with my own eyes and impart that vision for everyone to see. In a way, it gives me a deep sense of connection between me and the world I live in along with the people that live within it. It also gives me the ability to steal a fraction of time in history and make my mark in it.

Needless to say, photography became my passion. It endows me with the power to live and communicate with unbridled enthusiasm. And the photographs I take not only convey my own thoughts and feelings but more importantly, it artistically captures the emotions and feelings of a particular event as it unfolds.

My style of photography is not limited to one style, but rather a combination of everything I learned through my years of experience.  I’d like my photographs to be free. And I feel that by being free, is the only way to capture without blemish those moments, those feelings and those emotions that give meaning to our lives.

I especially like weddings because it is full of emotions. It is the realization of two dreams and the beginning of a life’s journey. This is what life is all about. It’s a privilege to be a part of this wonderful covenant and it is a great honor to have my work be rekindled from time to time and give warm memories for them to cherish. Because after all, they are not just photographs but memories to treasure.

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